Social media and Recruitment

Social media Recruitment.

Online recruiting is all about finding quality candidates and making connections with them. And social media is where people hang out online to express ideas and interact with each other.

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and a handful of others offer recruiters a tremendous opportunity to connect with potential job aspirants – many of whom would never be found through traditional sources.

Every Recruiter should develop its own unique social media recruiting strategy.

The idea you can recruit and hire using social media is no longer a gimmick. It’s now a vital channel for sourcing candidates and promoting company culture. Here are some benefits of using social media in your recruiting efforts:

How to recruit on social media?

Reach the elusive passive candidate : Social media is the best way to find and connect with passive candidates.

See talent and passion firsthand : Many people use social media to make it known they love their career : You can find passionate people and learn amazing work they’ve done and creative ideas they have.

Get resumes details without a resume : On LinkedIn, and to some extent Facebook, you can view a person’s complete work and education history. You’ll know if a candidate has the experience the role calls for before you reach out to them.

Find a great culture fit : Social media allows you to learn what a person’s hobbies are and even conclude what sort of personality they have. You can find candidates who are skilled and will also be a good fit for your workplace.

Filter out bad candidates. Some people behave poorly on social media. You can determine if a potential candidate has a bad attitude by seeing what they share online.

What works for one company, doesn’t always work for the next. Create a social media recruiting strategy that makes sense for your company and the roles you’re hiring for. Make it an extension of your broader recruiting and social media strategies.

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